The platform "Priestor" is the first decentralized platform on the network or blockchain Polygon in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Artists can create a personal portfolio on the platform "Priestor" which showcases their artworks and can be shared with potential buyers and collectors. Alternatively, they can upload their works onto the platform and sell them as unique digital assets.

Furthermore, "Priestor" allows collectors the option to "burn" their purchased digital assets and receive a physical piece of artwork. This purchase on the platform provides collectors with a unique opportunity to own a tangible piece of artwork, which may increase its attractiveness.

The goal of establishing the platform is to fill the gap in the Czech and Slovak markets, bring local artists onto the platform, and educate them on how to monetize their works through NFTs.

The NFT marketplace on the "Priestor" platform is user-friendly and allows buyers to browse and purchase digital assets easily. The platform uses a decentralized system for storing and verifying NFTs, ensuring they are secure and cannot be replicated or counterfeited.

"Priestor" is built on the Polygon network, meaning transactions on the platform are fast and inexpensive. The use of a layer 2 solution ensures that users can buy and sell NFTs without the worry of high "gas" fees or transaction fees, which can be a significant barrier to entry for other blockchain-based markets.

"Priestor" is a platform for artists who want to showcase their creations or offer them for sale to a global audience. Artists can choose either to create a portfolio or upload their work onto the NFT marketplace. "Priestor" provides them with a user-friendly interface, a secure NFT verification system, and low transaction costs, enabling them to monetize their artwork and connect with buyers and collectors worldwide.

  • 2023
    Stage 1
    Project Start
    Team Building
    Project Development
    Graphic Design
    Technology Construction
    Public Launching
    The Sandbox Metaverse Gallery
  • 2023
    Stage 2
    Portfolio Launch
    NFT Marketplace Demo on Polygon
    Dapp Wallet Integration
    Discord - Private NFT Community
    Crowdsourced Fundraising
  • 2023
    Stage 3
    Public Marketplace
    Educational Structure for Users
    NFT Audit
  • 2024 +
    Stage 4
    Stores / Galleries across Metaverse platforms
    Priestor Virtual Gallery
    Real-Life and Metaverse Events
    New Strategic Partnerships
    Priestor Mobile App
    Fiat Payment Integration
    Payment Getaway